Worried about post pregnancy photos?

Everyone is insecure about something; their nose, their hair, their legs, the list goes on. A lot of mums tell me that, the last thing that they want to do after giving birth, is to have their photo done.
“Let me shed my belly first”
“I need to sort out my hair”
“Look at these bags under my eyes”
I’ve heard it all! But the reality is, your body is amazing! You’ve just created a tiny human in that body! It’s a time for celebration and I wouldn’t want you to regret not getting your picture done.
Logan 1 W.jpg
 I personally love any kind of family photo; entire family, sibling, mum, dad – they just make my heart melt! I love seeing the emotion in parent’s faces when they gaze upon their newborn. Many have yet to stop and just look at their baby. It is so hectic in the first few weeks and they grow so quickly, that coming to sit with me for a few hours gives time for you to admire your new baby. That newborn smell, those tiny fingers, plump little lips and sleepy expressions… you’ll want to remember it all.
Logan 12 w.jpg
 The average weight of a newborn is just 7.5 pounds, which, in just a year, balloons to between 23 and 24.5 pounds (average weight of a 1 year old). Between the ages of 4 to 14 days (perfect age for newborn photography), babies are so curly and sleepy – they fit nicely in your arms and thrive off of your cuddles and attention. Before they get to that  1 year old size, have pictures of your baby snuggled in your arms so that you can look back on those early moments.
Logan 8 w.jpg
 Whilst I love parent photos, I never force anything that you do not want. My sessions are tailored around you and your desires, so contact me to discuss exactly what you are looking for. But, I do hope that I have convinced you to pose for just a little while. I take the images from above the waist and focus on your happy smiles and gorgeous newborn!
Logan 13 w.jpg
Here are a small selection of images from baby Logan’s newborn session, 8 days new.
Logan 3b w.jpg
If you’d like more information on newborn photography or session information, please do contact me. For more of my newborn images, have a look at my portfolio. To keep up to date with news and future model calls, subscribe.
Logan 26 w.jpg

Email: francescaweeksphotography@yahoo.com

Phone: 07908765557

Contact page: contact me

Portfolio: newborn photography

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