Should I bring my baby’s siblings?

A new baby is such a wonderful addition, for not just the parents, but for big brother’s and sister’s. No matter how young the other sibling is,  images of your children together, is a timeless addition to your walls. I always try to capture natural interaction between siblings, whether the older brother is over protective or just a tad curious, all of these emotions make for a great image!

Chester 1 w

What to dress them in? Neutrals! Neutral colours; beige, cream, white, black, even plain navy. We want the focus to be on your children’s faces, so plain colours with little to no pattern, helps a lot!

sibing kiss dotty new b w.jpg

I’ve worked with kids for many years, toddlers have tantrums, children don’t always want their photo taken, but patience is key! Think of the photo that you are going to put above your mantlepiece.

Poppy Price(2) w.jpg

For any questions that you may have, please contact me! Lets have a chat, let me know in advance who will be attending the photo session. I am here for you, my services are tailored around you, you are my priority.

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