It’s my Birthday!! Time for an offer!

So today is my birthday! I have been running a special offer this month to celebrate! If you book a newborn session during this month (your baby can be due after September), you can receive £50 off using the code NEWBORN50 when paying on my payments page!!!!
Olivia 7b w.jpg
But why should you choose me?
I specialise in newborn and family photography, and have studied under some of the leading Newborn specialists. I work safely with your newborn, ensuring their comfort at all times. I work from my home studio in Beckenham, providing a warm and comforting environment for you and your baby.
Astrid 8 w.jpg
What is my favourite part of Newborn Photography?
I love being able to give a family a stunning portrait to welcome their new arrival. Family images are definitely my favourite! There is something magical about seeing a mother take in the brand new smell of her baby, the dad staring in awe and the siblings “gently” stroking baby’s cheek. It’s interactions, like these, that make me love my job!
Olivia 13b w.jpg
How am I different?
I hand edit every single image, retaining the texture and details of baby’s skin. I have a very organic style, with focus on family bonds and baby’s features. Browse my newborn portraits and newborn family images to see if we are a good fit! Contact me for more information or just a chat! I love keeping up with all of my clients and seeing how the babies grow and change, I’d love to meet your family too.
Elias 37(2) w.jpg
Make sure that you stay up to date with all of my offers, model calls and mini sessions by joining my exclusive Facebook group: Francesca Weeks Photography offers, model calls and news
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