Baby Lois

Baby Lois came for her photos, a long with her parents, and adorable older sister!

Lois 22 w.jpg

A dream baby, Lois posed throughout the session, with gorgeous dark hair!

Lois 6 w.jpg

Her Older sister, Isla, loved joining in. It was Isla’s birthday, making it even more special!

Lois 15 w.jpg

I think their family photo is so cute!

Lois 21b w.jpg

“Francesca was amazing, she created a very relaxed and friendly environment. She engaged with our 4 year old daughter and our newborn with great confident and made us feel extremely welcome. The photos Francesca had taken were beautiful. Would strongly recommend her.” – Tracey, Baby Lois

Lois 13 w.jpg

It was lovely meeting Baby Lois and her family!

Lois 1 w.jpg

For any questions that you may have, please contact me! Lets have a chat, let me know in advance who will be attending the photo session. I am here for you, my services are tailored around you, you are my priority.

Lois 20b w.jpg

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