What is a Rainbow Baby?

Unfortunately, many women undergo miscarriages, infant loss, neonatal death or still births. A rainbow baby is born following one of these traumatic events, symbolising a rainbow following a storm. Providing hope and joy.
Astrid 14 w.jpg
I was fortunate enough to meet a rainbow baby, baby Astrid, and provide stunning images for her family. Baby Astrid has gorgeous olive skin, which looked radiant on a teal backing.
Astrid 1 w.jpg
I captured her little features…
Astrid 8 w.jpg
And a few request images…
Astrid 11 w.jpg
Astrid 23 w.jpg
She was such a calm, lovely baby!
Astrid 2 w.jpg
It was so lovely to meet Astrid and her family.
Astrid 10b w.jpg
For any questions that you may have, please contact me! Lets have a chat, let me know in advance who will be attending the photo session. I am here for you, my services are tailored around you, you are my priority.
Astrid 15 w.jpg

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